Dr. Helen Barrett

Live! Internet-based Workshops Available

Free* online after-school professional development workshops available to K12 teachers! Guest lectures available to teacher education classes!

Technology Used by Dr. Barrett

  • iChat /Skype video conferencing
  • Cable Modem TCP/IP Network
  • Yugma Skype Edition (for screen sharing)

OR Eluminate vRoom (no live video)

Materials sent to Receiving Site before workshop:
  • PowerPoint presentation

Technology Needed by Receiving Site

  • iChat /Skype software
  • Yugma (for screen sharing)
  • Computer connected to Internet with Speakers, WebCam & Projector for live teleconference
  • Separate Computer with projector to show PowerPoint presentation and demo portfolio websites (optional)

Eluminate vRoom requires only Web Browser with JAVA (no live video)

Use Internet-based technologies to receive a live presentation: an economical way to receive the benefit of Dr. Barrett's expertise (no travel costs).

Average length of presentation including introduction, discussion, Q&A:  60-90  minutes - See picture taken at a recent WWW-based workshop using iChat and Tapped In with students at Fresno State.

*First "awareness" workshop in a school is free. One guest lecture in a class per semester is free. There will be a fee for a follow-up ongoing online professional development class, as I have offered in the past.

Content of Workshop:

What are they? How are they used in K12 schools?
Why use portfolios?
How are they used in assessment?
(and what kind of assessment?)

Electronic Portfolios:
What are they?
Definitions, Process and Product
(Tool Choices, Planning Issues)

PLUS lots of opportunities for questions

Information available on:
In-Person Workshops
Internet-based Workshops

Skype ID: eportfolios
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