Session 4:
Reflection Workshop (2.4)


In this session the learners reflect about the whole module and their gained knowledge about reflection..



  • Provide reflection to learners and assist learners in providing reflection to peers;
  • Consider how the learning environment affects the students ability to reflect in a self confident way;
  • Reflect on their work and practice.

Reflect reflections


Teachers give students the following assignments to reflect upon personal development:

After that, the learners will be asked to document this reflections and to make general conclusions and evaluation of their reflection.

Reflections with peers


Framework for reflective practice - practical exercise

  • Step 1: The tutor should make a brief input on the concept of Framework for reflective practice
  • Step 2: Individual exercise - How to carry out reflection
    • each participant is given a supporting template hand-out and reflection topics to be analysed
    • everyone should answer the questions in the template
    • the participants should form groups of 2 persons - peer reflection
    • the participants should make presentation in plenary of key conclusions - different interpretations, reasons, etc


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