Session 3:
Using tools to record and organise reflections (2.3)


This session introduce into tools for recording and organising reflections.



After this session the participant:

  • Explain, develop and apply strategies to support learners in recording and structuring reflection (questioning).
  • Have an understanding of appropriate methods and formats of documenting reflection

Tools to document reflection


The tutor should acquaint the participants in the course with the existing reflection tools. Also the participants will learn the best practices and will receive recommendations for the usage of different tools. In their presentation the tutor can use the following plan:

  • presentation of different reflection tools
    • written learning journals
    • unstructured documents
    • notes and mind maps
    • blogs
    • sharing thoughts on a forum
    • ePortfolio systems
    • recording on audio
  • Best practices
  • Recommendations for usage of different tools



Reflection & Keeping a Learning Journal: The tutor’s task here is to discuss some points of major importance, such as what is a learning journal and how to keep it. The points he/she must include are the following:

Activity: Document your reflection


The task of the tutor is:

  • to make a presentation of the need of structuring reflection and use the step-by-step approach;
  • to distribute the Reflection Questionnaire for recording reflection to each participant;

Practical task: try to record personal reflection. Two options for participants:

  • Scenation 1: Select situation from personal experience
  • Scenatio 2: Select one of the reflection topics to create a personal reflection story
  • Each participant should fill the Questionnaire and discusses it with the person next to him - "peer reflection" stimulation
  • Make conclusions/recommendations on the Questionnaire template so as to fit students needs;


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