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Are you implementing standards-based, performance-based teacher education portfolios and assessment techniques?

Are you overwhelmed with paper portfolios from your teacher education students?

Do your teacher education students clearly understand the purpose of their portfolios and how to put them together?

Are all faculty “on the same page” when it comes to guiding teacher education students in compiling their portfolios?

Are assessment criteria for teaching portfolios clear to all?

Sponsored by ISTE's PT3 Catalyst Grant
for teams from Teacher Education institutions in a state or region

Electronic Portfolios for Teacher Education:

Developing a Handbook for Students

with Dr. Helen Barrett, University of Alaska Anchorage
and the International Society for Technology in Education
Spend three days working as a collaborative team to learn what an electronic portfolio can be, how it compares to a paper-based portfolio strategy, and how to make the transition to using technology to support this type of assessment. This institute is designed to help teacher education programs to plan curriculum and infrastructure adaptations to successfully implement electronic portfolios. INTASC and ISTE NETS-T standards will be used to demonstrate a framework for the electronic portfolios. The culmination of the three days will be a plan for a CD-ROM or web-based portfolio handbook for your students.

In this insitute you will

Team Members: Bring the team that will get the job done! Your team should include at a minimum: 1) the faculty member or members charged with portfolio implementation, and 2) a member of the teacher education program staff who is familiar with technology capabilities of the teacher education program. Additional member may include other faculty, administrators, or a student. This institute is limited to ten development teams (2-3 people per team).

What to Bring: Participants should bring:

  1. ) copies of your curriculum (course outlines/ syllabi) along with the standards they want to demonstrate with your students’ portfolios and any portfolio-related documents that currently exists. (Bring both hard copy and electronic versions on disk.)
  2. ) Teams should bring laptop computers to work off-campus or out of the lab.
  3. ) Bring questions, a collaborative spirit, an open attitute and enough energy to get the job done!
Agenda: Subject to customization for the needs of each site
Facility Requirements

Costs: $100-$200 registration fee per team (not to exceed 3 members on the team). The registration fee will cover the cost of an opening reception, lunch and breaks each day, lab fees, materials, transportation from the hotel each day and an institute guide. Participants must cover the cost of their own transportation, hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner each day. Arrangements should be made with a nearby hotel to house the group at a special rate.

For more information and prior workshops, please go to the website at:

The first workshop was a collaboration between the ISTE and SUNRAY PT3 Catalyst Grants.
Hosted by the Instructional Technology Resource Center • UCF College of Education •
A SUNRAY Partner
Other workshops have been conducted in California (twice) and Wisconsin.