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The Electronic Portfolios Action Committee (E-PAC) has established a listserv in collaboration with AAHE and Educause. To register for this listserv, and the online resources of this Community of Practice, go to:

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In June 2001, we moved this listserv to YahooGroups. The new group is called "eportfolios" and can be accessed through the YahooGroups page or by sending the following e-mail message:


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NOTE: the name of the group was changed from "efolios" to "eportfolios" as of August 13, 2003.

The following list will no longer be supported after June 30, 2001:
Announcing a Listserv devoted to issues related to Electronic and Digital Portfolios,
co-facilitated by Helen Barrett and David Niguidula (formerly of the Coalition of Essential Schools and author of several reports and articles on Digital Portfolios). This listserv will be launched by July 15, 1998.

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