Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio
Table 5. Portfolio construction tools compared.
  Common Development Tools Structure and Links Player available Advantages Disadvantages Ease of Use
1=low skill
2-high skill
Technology Required
1=low tech
2=high tech
Cost (w/ educator discounts)
Relational database FileMaker Pro Fields, records, or files linked by common fields Yes Flexible reporting, network- friendly, Web accessible, cross- platform Size of files requires player 4 to develop, 2 to use 3 $65­ 156
Hypermedia HyperStudio, Digital Chisel Electronic cards linked by "buttons" Yes Widely available in classrooms, construction tools included, some software cross- platform Not easily Web- accessible (requires browser plug- in), view limited to screen size 3 to develop  3 $39­ 199
Multimedia Authoring Macromedia Authorware, Director Icon- or time-based environment Self-contained Most flexibility in development, CD- ROM, cross- platform Steep learning curve 5 5 $128­ 699
Web Pages Adobe PageMill, Claris Home Page, Composer Pages viewed with a Web Browser (Netscape or Explorer) using links created in HTML Browser (free) Web-accessible, cross- platform Multimedia (video) not well integrated, complex authoring 2 w/ editor, 
4 w/ o
4 Free­$ 79
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Exchange Postscript-based pages that can be navigated sequentially or by using bookmarks, links, or buttons Reader (free) Web- accessible, cross- platform, create files, from any applications, ideal for CD ROM, can capture Web pages w/ links Size of files, limited construction tools 2 4 $42­ 90
Slide Shows/ Presentations Microsoft PowerPoint,Works, AppleWorks Slideshow presentation or "Binder" (Microsoft Office) to link documents together No Widely accessible software,cross- platform Not directly Web-accessible, ease of creating hypertext links, requires original application to read. 3 3-4 $46­210
Digital Video QuickTime or AVI format., Movie Player Pro (for editing), Apple Video Player, (for digitizing), Avid Cinema, iMovie Record performances in and out of the classroom within other digital portfolio construction tools, also, digital video editing (Avid Cinema, Adobe Premiere, iMovie) can be used to prepare artifacts for presentation in analog video. QuickTime, RealPlayer (both free) Web access high interactivity random access, editing File size, storage quality, bandwidth requirements, hardware requirements to digitize video Level 5 skill needed to create digital video, although w/

tools such as Avid Cinema and iMovie, the learning curve is flatter.

5 to use computers w/ video digitizing boards. Digital video cameras streamline the process, especially with the latest computers, which have FireWire (IEEE 1394) connections to the DV camera. Editing software from $29 (MoviePlayer Pro) to $500+.

DV cameras <$ 1,000.

Analog Video Video on tape: VHS, 8mm Standard video used to capture performances in the classroom or to gather data outside; also a universal format for final presentation portfolio; sometimes the computer is used to organize and translate the portfolio back to standard video tape All that is required is a VCR. Ubiquitous access, cheap storage medium, acceptable quality, relatively low-cost hardware requirements  Linear access, low interactivity, no Web access, storage, editing Level 2 skill needed to create analog video, although editing analog videotape is more complicated. Can be recorded with low- end equipment  Other than the cost of a camera or VCR the only additional cost is for videotape. Analog video editing system cost can range from $250 and up. Pay as little as $300 for an 8mm camera.