Developing the Framework for your Educational Technology Foundation Standards Electronic Portfolio

Using a Word Processing Program

Stage 1- In Microsoft Word, prepare your overview/standards page.

Put a header on the document that will appear on every page that shows your name and the name of the group of standards you are demonstrating. Cut and paste into the document, putting each performance indicator on a page by itself, using page breaks. Stage 2 - Collecting the Artifacts - The Working Portfolio Stage 3 - Selection, Reflections & Direction - The Reflective Portfolio The portfolio becomes a lifelong learning tool, when we take these reflections and set goals for future learning.

Stage 4 - Adding hypertext links to become a Connected Portfolio
Word processing programs allow hypertext links to be able to navigate around the document or to open files created by other programs. Microsoft Word uses the Hyperlink... command under the Insert Menu. Select a file (or a bookmark within the same file). It is recommended that you organize all files within the same folder before making these links.

This approach works well with files created with the same software (e.g., Word) but can be problematic if a variety of software packages are used to create the various artifacts. It becomes necessary to have all of software available to open files created by these different programs, which the primary audience for your portfolio might not have (i.e., Inspiration, HyperStudio).  Another way to add links to a word processing document is to convert the files into a more universal format, as shown below.