Developing the Framework for your Educational Technology Foundation Standards Electronic Portfolio

Using the PowerPoint Slide Show

Stage 1 - In PowerPoint, prepare your overview/standards page. Create a Master Card that shows your name and the name of the group of standards you are demonstrating. Create a card for each indicator, by copying the text into the "outline view"

Stage 2 - Collecting the Artifacts - The Working Portfolio

Stage 3 - Selection, Reflections & Direction - The Reflective Portfolio
The portfolio becomes a lifelong learning tool, when we take these reflections and set goals for future learning.


Stage 4 - Adding hypertext links to become a Connected Portfolio

PowerPoint has the capability of making links (Insert Menu -> Hyperlinks...), but the links only appear to work in Slide Show mode. A better way to add links to a PowerPoint presentation is to convert the files into another format, shown below.