Adobe Acrobat Publishing Software

Stage 2 - Convert to the PDF "Container" and add reflections

 "Print" the file to the PDF Writer (turn the document into a PDF file) as soon as it is completed.
Hold down Control key
File Menu ->Print
Give the file a name
Remember where you save the file!
Select the PDFWriter from the printer name menu and click OK
Give file a name.
OR  File Menu ->Create Adobe PDF 

Add contemporaneous reflections on the document just converted using the Acrobat Annotations Tools.

Stage 4 - Presentation

Edit in Acrobat

Add other files to your PDF file

Creating Electronic Portfolios using Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (750K)
(a PDF file covering the in-depth skills involved in creating Acrobat-based portfolios) © 2000, Helen C. Barrett

Using Adobe Acrobat for Electronic Portfolio Development  (28K)
(submitted to the 2001 Conference Proceedings of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education)

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Adobe Magazine article on Making Portable & Engaging Presentations with Acrobat  (in PDF format)

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