ePortfiolio Hong Kong Conference Keynote Address
given by Dr. Helen Barrett
"Voice and Interactivity in ePortfolios: Digital Stories and Web 2.0"
March 20, 2007


The following documents were created with the Macintosh version of a new product called LecShare Pro which converts PowerPoint slide shows into these different formats: QuickTime, MPEG-4 (podcast), Accessible HTML, and Microsoft Word (without audio for handouts). I took the audio from the 45 minute keynote from a session that I did in Hong Kong in March (recorded with an iPod and a Belkin microphone), synchronized the audio clip with the slides and converted the whole thing into the following formats:

QuickTime (640x480) (26.5 MB)

QuickTime (240x180) (11.8 MB)

QuickTime Hinted Streaming (240x180) (13.8 MB)

MPEG-4 Podcast for video iPod (320x240) (35.2 MB)

Accessible HTML

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