Hong Kong Keynote Address

Voice and Interactivity in ePortfolios: Digital Stories and Web 2.0

Based on 2 papers online

Metaphors for portfolios

Learning Portfolios

Planning Issues

ePortfolio Technology over Time

Levels of ePortfolio Implementation

What is the best tool?

How do we move from this container to the WWW?

Today's Tool Choices

Web 2.0 Technologies

Shared Writing

ePortfolio "Mash-up"

Protopage website

Example of K-12 Portfolio

Portfolio demo

Conventional vs. Reform Instruction

Purposes for Assessment

www.qca.org.uk (ages3-14)

Portfolio Differences

ePortfolio 1.0 - ePortfolio 2.0

ePortfolio 1.0 - ePortfolio 2.0 (continued)

"every day-ness"

Social Learning

Architecture of Interaction (Web 2.0) allows a

Learning to Learn Portfolio Model

Learning to Learn Portfolio Model Ian Fox, New Zealand

Metacognitive Development

Assessment to Improve Learning

Development of Home-School Links


Researching Electronic portFolios: Learning, Engagement, Collaboration through Technology Researching Electronic Portfolios in Secondary Schools Dr. Helen Barrett Research Project Director

Why The Reflect Initiative?

The Goal:

The Vision of REFLECT

Overall Cohort


Initial Observations from Year 1 Site Visits

Findings from Year 2 Student Focus Groups

Looking Back

A Look to the Future

Emerging Models for Portfolios


Why Digital Stories in ePortfolios?

Website with links to movies

Digital Storytelling Process

A Dozen Purposes for DS in EP

Victoria's 2nd Grade Autobiography


Artifacts - Language Development


Digital Paper or Digital Story?

My Final Wish

Dr. Helen Barrett