My Professional Portfolio
by Helen Barrett

Writing and Assessment Publications
These publications were selected as evidence of my writing skills and my knowledge about portfolios that support assessment for learning. I chose examples of my publications from the early 1990s through to the summer of 2004. I can definitely see a change in my thinking about portfolios, from learning about e-portfolio tools, to learning about assessment for learning.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Portfolios at the Crossroads - Book Proposal  [View]
I developed a book proposal with Joanne Carney to address Portfolios at the Crossroads: the impact of high stakes accountability and emerging technologies on the portfolio in education.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio  [View]
The latest article that I published in Learning & Leading with Technology, April 2000, focused on "Using Off-the-Shelf Software to Showcase Your Own or Student Work." In this article, I moved from commercial software to the use of common desktop software tools.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Technology-Supported Portfolio Assessment  [View]
This was my first publication on Electronic Portfolios, published in The Computing Teacher, March, 1994. Reprinted in Student Portfolios: A Collection of Articles edited by Robin Fogarty (1996). Palatine, Illinois: IRI/Skylight Training & Publishing, Inc., pp. 127-137.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Differentiating ePortfolios and Assessment Management Systems  [View]
This SITE 2004 paper addresses some of the issues of definition, between electronic portfolios and online assessment management systems. It is difficult to conduct comparative research on electronic portfolios because of the emergence of very diverse models of implementation, especially in some of the new commercial tools that are available. These different implementations and "definition by default" make the task more difficult. This paper is an attempt to delineate the differences between electronic portfolios and online assessment management systems.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Conflicting Paradigms in Electronic Portfolio Approaches  [View]
This 2004 paper covers the conflicting paradigms in portfolio development, positivism vs. constructivism. The paper covers the Legal and Psychometric Issues of High Stakes Portfolios, and how to separate assessment management systems and electronic portfolios, to maintain the integrity of both. Links to institutions who have successfully kept the two tools separate. Discusses a theory of motivation and electronic portfolios around content, purpose, and process.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Electronic Portfolios as Digital Stories of Learning  [View]
This 2004 paper provides the a summary of assessment of and for learning, portfolios that support assessment for learning, and technologies that engage learners in the portfolio development process: digital storytelling, blogs and wikis.
Last Modified:   10/08/04