My Professional Portfolio
by Helen Barrett

Teaching & Instructional Design
These documents were selected to showcase my competencies in teaching and instructional design. I have developed and delivered workshops on electronic portfolio development, from three hours to three days, and most have been evaluated through my PT3 grant. I have also developed a set of two-day workshops on electronic portfolios and digital storytelling for a major technology company.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Descriptions of presentations and workshops available  [View]
These are descriptions of the presentations and workshops that I have developed.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Workshop Outlines on Electronic Portfolios and Digital Storytelling  [View]
These two-day workshops were developed in the winter of 2004 for a major technology company. The Digital Storytelling workshop was piloted twice in 2004 through my PT3 grant. The evaluation report from Rockman demonstrates the success of the first workshop.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Distance Courses on Electronic Portfolios and Digital Storytelling  [View]
I developed this series of courses on electronic portfolios and digital storytelling, which were piloted with Wichita State University in 2003 using Blackboard. The courses need to be updated, but can be offered using any web-based environment.
Last Modified:   10/08/04
Professional Development for Implementing Electronic Portfolios  [View]
My most recent web page on my website, responding to requests by school districts for information on how to help teachers who need to support student electronic portfolio development. Includes Change theory, portfolio and technology skills assessments.
Last Modified:   10/08/04