My Professional Portfolio
by Helen Barrett

Digital Storytelling
The QuickTime movies below provide examples of digital stories that I have created over the last three years. I attended the Center for Digital Storytelling workshop in January 2003, and have been exploring the practice since then. I have designed and delivered workshops to help Teacher Education students and faculty to develop digital stories as reflective artifacts in their electronic portfolios.
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Family Portfolios and Digital Stories  [View]
These documents contain portfolios developed with my granddaughter for her Kindergarten, First and Second Grade years. The digital stories for K & 1 are reflections on the year. The digital story for 2nd grade is her autobiography written as part of a school project. The "Dad" story is the project we created at the Center for Digital Storytelling.
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Prepare for a Digital Storytelling Workshop (.mov)  [View]
I created this digital story to help participants prepare for a digital storytelling workshop.
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Electronic Portfolios as Digital Stories of Learning (.mov)  [View]
This narrated slide show presents the content of my article posted at This presentation looks at technologies that are engaging forstudents to foster intrinsic motivation, specifically digital storytelling.
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Choices - A Digital Story of Learning (.mov)  [View]
Seventh grade provided one of my most vivid memories of learning. I have made sense of this experience with a reflective digital story.
Reflecting back on that learning experience as a professional educator, I realize that the problem was not with me, but with the assignment. What a difficult task I was given... it takes time to build those synapses in the brain. Memorization has its place in learning, but I didn't derive the true meaning of the poem I had to memorize until much later in life.
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