Welcome to my Folio Live e-portfolio. I am exploring the capabilities of using this system to maintain electronic portfolios as part of my research on implementation of online electronic portfolio systems.

Click on one of the links in the left side to see the pages that I have decided to include in this version of my portfolio. You can read my biography, see the artifacts that I have identified as my best work, and read my reflections about creating this portfolio.

Every portfolio has a purpose. My purpose for developing this portfolio is to show my skills in developing an electronic portfolio using any number of tools. After reviewing all of my artifacts (see my Portfolio at a Glance) I found five general categories of competencies:

1. Electronic Portfolio Competency - Knowledge, Skills and Experience
2. Digital Storytelling Competency - Digital Video Editing Skills
3. Technology Competency - Multimedia & Web Page Authoring Skills
4. Teaching & Instructional Design Competency - Presentations
5. Writing & Assessment Competency (My Publications)

E-mail: helen.barrett@comcast.net

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