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Lecture Notes

I recently retired from the faculty of the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage and have been researching electronic portfolios since 1991, publishing a web site on Technology and Alternative Assessment since1995 and an Apple Learning Interchange Exhibit.

I was involved in Educational Technology and Staff Development in Alaska between 1983 and 2001,first as Staff Development Coordinator with the Fairbanks School District and then with the University of Alaska Anchorage. I was in charge of Educational Technology programs for the School of Education and initiated the development of UAA's New Media Center for campus-wide faculty development.

I worked with the International Society for Technology in Education's National Educational Technology Standards for teachers (ISTE NETS-T) Project (2000-2005), developing strategies and resources to assess teacher technology competence. I also served as Vice President for Assessment and E-Folios for SITE, the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education. Through the Educause/NLII/AAHE Community of Practice, I helped to define pedagogical specifications for online portfolio systems.