Module 1:

Selection and Connection of E-Portfolio Artefacts


In this module you will develop the skills and understanding that will enable you to select appropriate digital artifacts for their e-portfolio and to support learners in their e-portfolio construction.



You will be able to:

  • Reflect on how to choose content to be stored in the ePortfolio for self-development and for external assessment
  • Decide when and how often a portfolio should be updated
  • Use different media types within the ePortfolio
  • Make criteria based decisions on the content and the structure of the ePortfolio
  • Structuralise and diversify content within an ePortfolio
  • Build coherent collections of artefacts for a specific purposes
  • See the dynamics of relationships between content and structure of ePortfolio and the learning processes
  • Recognize privacy issues.

This module consists of five sessions.

Prerequisite Knowledge

The module is build on the basis of the introductory work done in the Foundation Module. Starting module 1 you are expected to have your own ePortfolio already started (See Foundation Module). Sessions 1 and 5 in this Module will help you to add more content (artefacts) and to develop the structure of your ePortfolio.


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