Session 4:
Delivering a presentational e-portfolio (3.4)


In this session the presention of the portfolio is in the focus.



After this session the participant will:

  • Be able to demonstrate an awareness of the requirements of a range of different interview or presentational situations;
  • Be able to demonstrate an awareness of the impact that a successfull interview or presentational situation can have on the self esteem and confidence of a learner;
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of a range of different strategies that could be used to prepare a range of different students for a range of different types of interview or presentational situations;
  • Have used a presentational ePortfolio in an interview or presentational situation;
  • Have explored the role of self-reflection for further presentional situations

Presenting the portfolio


Please deliver the presentational ePortfolio , that you prepared in previous sessions, to your Tutor in an interview or presentational situations .

  • some of the other participants will, with your permision, stay as part of the audience
  • The audience will give feedback.
  • if possible, the interview or presentational situations should be recorded to facilitate reflection and feedback - it can be used as evidence for inclusion in your own ePortfolio .


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