Session 3:
Organising an interview or presentational situation (3.3)


This session focusses on the interview and the presentational situation.



After this session the participant will:

  • Be able to plan an interview or presentational situations
  • Be able to develop support material that will help the learner prepare for an interview or presentational situations
  • Be able to design job advertisement and briefing materials for the interviewer or audience

Preparing the situation


Design a presentation for other Teachers or Trainers, that explains how you would prepare a learner for an interview or presentational situations .
Note: It should describe the purpose of the interview or presentational situations (see the last sessions) and emphasis the importance of careful planning and preparation

It should also highlight the following planning steps:

Preparing the learner


Use a search engine to help you to ( 1 ) find some advice that you could give to learners that would help them to perform well in an interview or presentational situations .

Have a look at this article.

Think about to what extent you can use the advice, yourself, as you prepare for your End of Module presentation . Share your ideas with others.


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