Session 1 - Activity 3 - Scenario E

Peer review meeting
* Peter Smith is a Year 9 Student who has just completed a Science project. He has been asked to review what he did with another member of the Class. To help with the review meeting he has been asked to compile a presentational ePortfolio .
* Peter and ?? have been told that they should start the review meeting by working through the guided reflection sheet.
* 15 minutes has been allocated for the review meeting.

Available evidence - digital artefacts
1. CV
2. Contact details
3. Subject teacher reports
4. Tutor Review Meeting Notes and Action Plans
5. Exhibition of work
* Math Investigation
* Science Project work
o project aims
o what I did
o what I produced
6. Career Plans
7. Learning Plan (agreed with Tutor at the beginning of the Year)
8. Hobbies and interests
9. Extra-curricular activities Community work
10. Predicted grades from subject teachers
11. Attendance report
12. Notes from meeting with careers advisor
13. Family details
14. Holiday adventures
15. Link to MySpace
16. Primary School Reports
17. Reading Diary
18. Skills self-audit
19. Key Skills audit
* Communications
* Application of Number
* Working with Others
* Problem Solving
* Improving Own Learning and Performance