Session 2:
Privacy issues and selection of artifacts (1.2)


To discuss privacy issues considering e-portfolio presentation; both from the authors' personal and legal point of view.



After this session the learners will be sensitised for the challenges of data and privacy protection and knew the possibilities and functions of their e-portfolio software.

Privacy protection

Young learners without significant experience of using ePortfolio packages need to be instructed to take special care, regarding the privacy of their personal details. This is because it is important to be careful with the possiblities and positive effects that free access to e-portfolios and artefacts in the Internet provide, with respect to privacy issues.

There are several grades of privacy protection to limit the access to e-portfolios and its artefacts:

  • possibility of using different levels of privacy when accessing and presenting e-portfolio;
  • the specificity of public access to personal data on the Internet;
  • the trade-off between tendencies to present one's work and to keep some things private;
  • the value of publishing for your own;
  • reasons to present certain materials.


Discuss in your group what you like to protect in your e-portfolio and for what purposes you allow access to individuals or groups (e.g. peers).

Permission management

E-Portfolio tools offer several different possibilities to protect data and manage data access.


Test your e-portfolio tool: Which possibilities does it offer? Are you satisfied with these opportunities?


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