Session 2:

Working with young learners (0.2)


  • to explore methods that can be used to motivate young learners.
  • to explore the potential of the e-portfolio to engage and motivate learners.
  • to discuss how an e-portfolio could be used to support young learners who might have difficulties.
  • to develop approaches to encourage young people to use modern media in their learning



After this session the participants should have:

  • approaches/practices of stimulating modern media usage by youngsters during the learning
  • possible approaches of encouraging young people to use e-portfolio
  • knowledge about and examples of different forms of youth web presence
  • some examples of e-portfolio usage for supporting youths with difficulties

Introduction to Modern media

Media may refer to various aspects, but here were are interested in it in terms of it being a communication tool, such as:

  • Recording media: Devices used to store information
  • Print media: Communications delivered via paper or canvas
  • Electronic media: Communications delivered via electronic or electromechanical energy
    o Multimedia, communications that incorporate multiple forms of information content and processing
    o Hypermedia, media with hyperlinks
    o Digital media, electronic media used to store, transmit and receive digitized information
  • New media: Media that can only be created or used with the aid of modern computer processing power

Examples of modern media

  • Personal Blogs: free expression of opinion, presentation of ideas, stimulus for update of personal blog;
  • Online discussion forum: useful for exchange of opinions, discussions on interesting topics; info about the free, easy to create online using ( PHPBB )
  • Social networks: virtual community

Advantages of modern media usage in work with young people

Modern media is useful and reliable means of providing the necessary support and assistance to young people who need to obtain information in the easiest, complete and efficient way. Some of its advantages:

  • Gives new impetus to the work- new tools, new possibilities: It is indisputable that modern media presents a wide range of new tools and opens variable possibilities with respect to the quality and quantity of work carried out. It does not refer only to communicative/mobile media (Mobile phones, Pocket PC, wireless devices), but also to the usage of multimedia storage utilities, as well as interactive media.
  • To enlarge the target audience: The Internet enables the participation of learners from outside - other schools, classes, countries and so on.
  • To make the storage and retrieving more efficient and thus to facilitate the learning process: Among the advantages of modern media means is their very substantial role in the process of facilitating the communication. Also, they increase the efficiency of storage and retrieving of information – quality that cannot be underestimated.
  • To open new dimensions, to connect the realities: Modern media provides for a better interconnection and dimensions of the communication. It provides for a favorable environment where disadvantaged manage to overcome the obstacles that distinguish them from the others.


Discuss with your students and/or colleagues the following questions:

  • Do you know what types of modern media your students use out of school for entertainment and to communication with others?
  • List the Types of modern media and note what you used them for;
  • Share your experiences of using different Types of modern media in different learning situations - did the media engage or motivate the learners?;
  • highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using modern media with young learners, e.g. cost of the resource, potential to engage, privacy and copyright issues.

Online reputation

" Online reputation is similar to the conventional concept of reputation (opinion of the others towards a person), but in cyberspace". read more from the source: Wikipedia - Online reputation .

Online repuration can enhance youngster's participation and has a number of advantages:

  • motivates youngster to enhance their online presence - peers, tutors may access easily personal web page, blog, etc
  • motivates youngster to use different moder media tools;
  • stimulates youngster's self-esteem;




  • Divide the group in pairs.
  • Advise how each of the pair could explore the partner online presence (existing pages, links etc. via search machines).
  • Advise the students to prepare outline (presentation) of the partner using the retrieved info from the web space.
  • Organize presentation and discussion.

Possible benefits of using e-portfolios

The benefits from using e-portfolios are:

  • Supporting coherent management of a variety of achievements and pieces of work.
  • Helping learners take control of their learning and their lives, by reflecting on their activities and planning future directions;
  • Providing a learner-centred rather than course-centred view of learning;
  • Giving appropriate views of achievement and learners’ work to appropriate people, for example, the learner, teachers, mentors, careers advisers, potential employers, educational institutions to whom the learner is applying;
  • Supporting “just in time” learning – which type of learning is needed at this moment in time;

At the same time, it is very important that students are motivated to use ePortfolio. Motivation for use often requires a strong element of ‘what is in it for me?”

  • Identifying added-value in use of the e-portfolio will increase the likelihood of student engagement.
  • You should use an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a reaming environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.


  • Prepare a short presentation
  • Show students the advantages of ePortfolio
  • Give them concrete examples of ePortfolio usage- for career development, for communication, for reflection and assessment etc.
  • Ask someone to present his/her ePortfolio and how (s)he profited by the development of his/her portfolio.

To introduce young learners to new learning strategies is always a challenge. To introduce the ePortfolio process into your schools or training establishments will present you with many challenges. We will explore strategies that you might use to address these challenges and that might help to motivate and engage your learners.

Support of young learners with difficulties

Learners with difficulties:

What we understand by Young learners with difficulties:

  • The learner may be unskilled and inexperienced in showing empathy, developing rapport, and relating to people as patients
  • The learner may learn comparatively slowly
  • The learner may have adequate knowledge but be technically relatively unskilled
  • The learner may be insecure – demonstrating too much overconfidence, disorganization, dependence;
  • Less commonly, the learner may be impaired by mental illness

How learners with difficulties profit from use of e-portfolio:

e-portfolio is a means of providing disadvantaged youth with the information needed in order to overcome and cope with the obstacles and difficulties they constantly confront.

By using e-portfolio they can:

  • to give a group of young learners with demotivating learning experiences a complete new approach to learn;
  • with that new, positive learning experiences;
  • a focus on the learner's interest and competence;
  • additionally the usage of the computer and the Internet is motivating;
  • and leads to a "equal" representation in the virtual community/ the Internet that a learner can be proud of.


Discuss with your colleagues, what kind of difficulties your students experience have and how you should organise and implement the e-portfolio work to get optimal results and learning effects.


Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Being acquainted with the Overview and Introduction Session of the Foundation Module
  • Experience with working with young learners, including such experiencing difficulties;
  • For some tasks: students required to have already ePortfolio


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