University of Washington Catalyst Portfolio Tool

Previewing the tool.

If you'd like to "kick the tires" on the UW Portfolio tool, feel free to log in and have a look. Use the following login:

Username: catdemo
Password: 20%off

This demo account will let you use a fully-functional version of the tool, but you'll be sharing an account with all of the demo users who could edit, modify or delete your work--so don't do any work in the demo account that you want to keep.

To look at the student interface, go to:

To look at the instructor interface (the Portfolio Project Builder), go to:
Login and click "Portfolio" on the left-hand navigation menu.

Articles about UW Portfolio

For more information about UW Portfolio, look at the following articles:
UWeek article about student uses:
Syllabus Magazine:
Chronicle of Higher Ed.
Video about adoption by freshman students (requires RealPlayer):
Video comparing UW's tool with other national initiatives (Requires Windows Media Player):