Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio Handbook

(three day workshop conducted by Dr. Helen Barrett)

Abstract: Work in a collaborative team to learn what an electronic portfolio can be, how it compares to a paper-based portfolio strategy, and how to make the transition to using technology to support this type of assessment. This workshop is designed to help Schools of Education to plan curriculum and infrastructure adaptations to successfully implement electronic portfolios which demonstrate INTASC and ISTE NETS-T standards, and to develop a CD-ROM-based Handbook to duplicate for their students.

Workshop Description: As we move to more standards-based teacher performance assessment, we need new tools to record and organize evidence of successful teaching, for both practicing professionals and student teachers. This workshop will introduce a variety of strategies for implementing Electronic Teaching Portfolios in a Teacher Education program. Participants should bring copies of their curriculum (course outlines/syllabi) along with the standards they want to demonstrate with their portfolios. The results of the five-day-long activity is a handbook that covers the type of electronic portfolio development most appropriate for the individual program, and a plan for training and implementation.

Objectives: Participants will become aware of the various strategies for authoring electronic portfolios and design a handbook to integrate electronic portfolios across a teacher preparation program. Participants will design training materials for creating basic electronic portfolios with common software tools.

Description of major activities

Electronic Portfolio Development: Participants will become aware of various strategies for building digital portfolios through all five stages of Electronic Portfolio Development, including CD-ROM production or posting to a web site. Participants will design customized training materials and will create their own CD-ROM-based Electronic Portfolio Handbook. This workshop is limited to six development teams (2-3 people per team).

Workshop Requirements
Workshop facility:
  • Computer lab with multimedia-capable computers 

  • (Macintosh, Windows computers or both)
    OR room with laptop computer for every participant
  • CD Recorders with software
  • Scanner
  • VGA Projection system for presenter's Macintosh Powerbook

  • (optional: additional projector & screen connected to Windows computer)
  • Speaker connections for presenter's computer
Internet Access:
  • Ethernet or wireless (Airport)
  • DHCP or fixed IP for presenter's computer
Software -- Required: 
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0
  • a web browser
  • Video production software (iMovie or other)
  • Screen capture or recording software

  • (Macintosh: Snapz Pro 2)
    (Windows: Camtasia or other)
  • Audio Editing software (with high quality microphone)

  • (Macintosh:  Sound Companion)
    (Windows:  Sound Forge?)
  • QuickTime Player Pro (either platform)
Workshop Outline
Day 1


Introductions, overview of workshop 
Collections activity
Introductory Presentation
  • Initial team planning activities
  • Afternoon


    Leader Presentation: Creating the electronic portfolio handbook 
    • Various strategies for authoring electronic portfolios 
    • Examples of electronic portfolios
    • Become aware of the electronic portfolio development process (3 hours) 
    Hands-on: Explore portfolio websites based on bookmarks and links and CD-ROM ­ explore the process by completing the EPPlanningworksheet (on CD-ROM).
    ­ explore use of Microsoft Word/Excel as a portfolio tool

    Leader Presentation and discussion: Managing Complex Change 
    Group discussion: Developing a Vision for Electronic Portfolio Development 
    Group work: Creating the Electronic Portfolio Implementation Plan (using Inspiration or PowerPoint)

    First Evening: no-host dinner at a nearby restaurant

    Day 2

    "So What?"

    Group Presentation: Why/How do we want to implement electronic portfolios? 
    Leader Presentation: Planning for implementing electronic portfolios in the curriculum 
    Discussion: Where is the e-portfolio introduced in the curriculum?
    Does the curriculum require žappropriate digital artifacts for electronic portfolioÓ?
    Is there a course to support students finalize their portfolios?
    What technology skills do students need?
    Group work: Curriculum integration planning and Electronic Portfolio Handbook design (finalize Inspiration chart or PowerPoint presentation)
    Day 2 Afternoon

    "Now What?"

    Group Presentations: Basic design/plan for Electronic Portfolio (Inspiration or PowerPoint)
    Hands-On: Planning to customize an Electronic Portfolio Handbook to meet a program's specific needs. Identify resources needed for a CD-ROM or website, create customized "step-by-step" training materials 

    Skill Development: Learn to create "" demo screen recordings with Camtasia (Windows) or Snapz Pro2 (Macintosh) OR Learn how to convert documents to Acrobat.

    Second Evening: Individual Team Meetings
    Homework: Create DRAFT Table of Contents for Handbook and tasks to complete upon return to home campus.

    Day 3
    Group Work session: Preparing the Table of Contents and Work Plan

    Group Discussion: Evaluating the Electronic Portfolio ­ reviewing rubrics and examples. Strategies for assessing individual and program outcomes.

    Day 3
    Group Presentations: Basic design for Electronic Portfolio Handbook with draft Table of Contents  - Finalize handbook/plan and present to large group 

    Share evaluation strategies

    Presentation: Final Words
    Workshop Wrap-up, Evaluation and Adjournment 

    ©2001, 2002, Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D.