Pre-Requisite Skills, Technology Requirements
and Dispositions for Distance Learning

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ePortfolio Intro - Getting started and introductions; ePortfolio Literature and creating a plan; software options and the portfolio development process; developing the digital archive (Excel); building a reflective portfolio (Word) and evaluation.

ePortfolio Tools - Looking at the following common software tools for creating ePortfolios: PowerPoint, Acrobat, HTML editors, and other optional tools such as eZedia or Lectora; creating a digital storytelling artifact using a digital video editing program such as iMovie or Pinnacle Studio; creata a rubric and evaluation.

ePortfolio Web - Preparing the ePortfolio for publishing in a variety of formats: CD-ROM, WWW, videotape, DVD and emerging technologies; more literature on e-portfolio research; finalize portfolio and final evaluation.



Dr. Helen Barrett, Instructor

Previous classes

Wichita State University
Spring 2003
Summer 2003

Read what prior participants have said about this course:

  • I really had almost no idea what the portfolios in my ___ class would look like when I started in January. On my syllabus it just said "Specifics for the portfolio will be shared later in the semester." So what I learned in this class was how to do it! I was very very pleased with the results.
  • I gained a considerable amount of knowledge in the different technology areas even though I thought that I was competent when the classes started. This class helped force me to complete some skills that I wanted to learn but had been putting off. I would say that this has been a very good experience for me.
  • I got so much out of these classes. I think most of all, I got a little peace of mind!
  • I've learned so much. From new skills with software apps I thought I knew well, to portfolio building and organizing skills. I've gathered a wealth of information and resources to share with our teachers. And, if I reenter the classroom, e-portfolios will be the first activity I implement.
  • Well, because of this class, I now have some credibility as the "Coordinator of the Digital Portfolio Implementation" in Teacher Education here at ___. With any luck, it will go SO smoothly that there will not be a need for a coordinator after a year (is that a pipe dream, Helen?) Whew. Implementation. Faculty buy-in. All I can do at this point is share my vision with the faculty and see how it goes.
  • Thanks for all the resources and growing experiences. I was already sold on portfolios, but now I feel I have the tools and a lot of the skill needed to use them.