Pre-Requisite Skills, Technology Requirements
and Dispositions for Distance Learning

Minimum Computer Hardware Requirements

  • a personal computer (Mac or PC) with a recent version of the operating system (Mac OS 9.2 or later; Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP) and a CD-ROM drive that can read a CD-Recordable disc
  • access to a scanner or digital still camera (to digitize images)
  • microphone on the computer (to digitize sound)
  • A method of publishing the e-portfolio (either web server, CD-Recorder, VCR, DVD -- see Module 3 on the class website)

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher - Adobe dowload page
  • QuickTime Player 5.0 or higher - Apple download page
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • other software that can be downloaded from the web (see Module 2 on the class website) including a low-end video editor (iMovie for Macintosh or MovieMaker2 for WindowsXP or others)

Minimum Internet Connectivity

  • Network connection to the WWW (faster than a dial-up is recommended)

Technology Skill Pre-Requisites

  • File Management Skills (naming files, organizing in folders, able to move and copy files, search and find files on a hard drive or CD-ROM)
  • Module 1: Use the following software on more than an elementary level:
    • Microsoft Word and Excel (no formulas required)
    • E-Mail Program, including attaching files
    • Web Browser, including downloading and installing trial versions of software
    • A simple graphics editor to scan and/or resize images
  • Module 2: Use the following software on an elementary level:
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • A simple digital video editing program (Apple's iMovie, Microsoft's MovieMaker2, Pinnacle Studio, others listed on the Module 2 website)
    • Other software (trial versions may be downloaded from Internet)
  • Module 3 : Use the following software on an elementary level:
    • Software to make a CD-Recordable disc
    • OR Web publishing and FTP software to upload files to a web server
    • OR DVD recording software

Dispositions for Distance Learning

  • Self-directed learner: Self-organizing and self-motivated, independent learner not dependent on a classroom with an instructor to learn new skills and concepts
  • Time management skills: able to find 3 to 6 hours a week to work on assignments
  • Capable of consistently working on a project, not leaving everything until the last minute
  • Comfort with using e-mail and online systems to communicate with faculty and fellow students in writing
  • Comfort with reading a lot of material on the computer screen, rather than on paper
  • Willing to try out new technologies that are not familiar
  • Willing to seek out and ask for assistance with unfamiliar strategies and technologies

Dr. Helen Barrett, Instructor


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