Module 1 Assignments

1. Send the completed EPPlanningWorksheet.doc (in Microsoft Word) to the appropriate place (change the name of the document to include your last name). Put your name at the top of the document as well. Use the formatting capabilities of Word to differentiate your additions to the worksheet (different color or font will do just fine).

2 & 3. Upload two first rough draft portfolio documents (in Microsoft Word and Excel) to the appropriate place (be sure to put your last name in the title of the document). Do NOT upload any of the artifacts... the list of your artifacts in Excel is sufficient for this stage of the process. E-mail your instructor if you have questions. The document that describes the process is: stepbystep-WordExcelMac.pdf (for Macintosh) or stepbystep-wordExcelWin.pdf (for Windows) that are also in the PDFs folder on the CD. There are also screen recording videos that demonstrate the process to cover. Look at the VideosonCD-Win.pdf for a list of the videos that are in the VideosWin folder on the CD.

2. Consider the Excel document to be a method you can use to keep track of your artifacts, and which of your outcomes, goals, OR standards that each one demonstrates (in the columns). This document will NOT be finished when you turn it in. You will continue to build on the document in the next module. The perspective and organization of this document is the COLLECTION of your artifacts and provides an advanced organizer for the portfolio document itself.

3. The same can be said about the Word document, but the perspective and organization is from your identified outcomes, goals OR standards. Use that framework strictly as an outline for your portfolio. This document will also NOT be finished when you turn it in. I often refer to it as the bare Christmas tree and the ornaments are your artifacts and reflections that you will be adding to the basic structure. In this class, we just want to see the basic structure (the tree) and we will continue developing the REFLECTIONS that support your SELECTION of speciic artifacts (the ornaments).

If you look at the videos in the videosWin folder on the CD, you can see and hear me explain how to set up both documents (just the movie files starting with numbers 1-9, not the movie files starting with PS).

I realize that the final format for your portfolio will probably not be Excel and Word. The purpose of this activity is to come up with the basic framework and content outline of your portfolio so that you can later translate or convert it into your preferred publishing software and format. Too often, students focus on the multimedia that is inherent in some of the tools, without paying enough attention to the content. These common tools allow you to focus on the content in preparation for the next stage.