This week we will look at publishing electronic portfolios on videotape. There are some audiences for your electronic portfolio that do not have the technological capabilities to read a CD-ROM or access the Internet. However, most households have video cassette recorders (VCRs) to be able to view the portfolio on videotape. What is required to publish electronic portfolios on videotape? You will need some means to convert your digital portfolio to analog videotape. There are two strategies: using a digital video camera and a digital video editing program; or by connecting the "video out" from your computer to the "video in" on your VCR.

Here are our activities this week:
Review how to prepare a short videotape of portfolio highlights and transfer computer data to videotape
Discuss the pros and cons of publishing e-portfolios on videotape
Discuss the student support systems needed to implement e-portfolios
Continue to try out online portfolio systems
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