This is the first week of Module 3: ePortfolios-Web, where we will cover two main topics: different publishing formats, and reviewing at least one online portfolio system.
In this module, we will explore the many ways that we can publish our electronic portfolios. As stated in one of the readings in Module 1, an electronic portfolios is, at its most elementary level, a portfolio stored in an electronic container. In this module, we will explore at least three of these containers: CD-ROMs, Web Servers, Video Tape, with a look toward the future of DVD publishing. We will finalize our portfolios and publish them on the most appropriate medium for our purpose, content, and audience.

The first publishing environment we will explore is CD-ROM, including the requirements, limitations and advantages of recording electronic portfolios on CD-ROM. You will prepare your final portfolio to eventually write to a CD-Recordable disc by the end of the course.

Our activities this week include:
- Explore Stage 5 - The Presentation Portfolio and Publishing - Burning CDs
- Prepare portfolio for burning to CD.
- Discuss the issues involved in pressing e-portfolios to CD-ROM
- Discuss implementation: how and when to introduce the e-portfolio to students
- Explore several web sites and read two articles (over the next two weeks): EPDirections.pdf (in articles folder inside PDFs folder on CD)
- Dr. Joanne Carney's article on the Decisions and Dilemmas of Electronic Portfolio Development, based on her dissertation research

Don't forget to read the more detailed document for this week, either in the Blackboard Course Documents, or online at

Several of you have already started.

See you online!