An exciting project ahead, we will begin Digital Storytelling or adding a digital audio/video artifact to your portfolio. You will work on your digital story from now until the end of the class. I recommend getting together as a group some time during the next three weeks, to problem-solve using some of these new tools.

Read an Introduction to digital video editing and the Principles of Digital Storytelling on the website

Learn about adding Digital Audio and Video to your portfolio

Begin using iMovie (Mac) or Pinnacle Studio (Windows) or new Microsoft WindowsXP software to create a digital story. Write a script
- Select images (scan, prepare for video editing program)
- Record audio
- Select music sound track
- Construct the video with video editing program

Optional: Sign up for the Atomic Learning "virtual textbook"

Discuss adding digital video or a digital storytelling artifact to your portfolio

Continue the rubric development discussion, determining which individual elements we want to assess

Some of you are continuing the weekly learning log e-mail to your instructors. Since the class is well established, and you are discussing a lot of your activities in the online discussion area, the weekly log is optional, and should be used if you have specific questions or are having problems that you want to discuss privately with your instructors.
Don't forget to read the more detailed document for this week, either in the Blackboard Course Documents, or online at

Also, since next week is Wichita State University's Spring Break, you will have another week to study the digital storytelling website, and play with the tools.

Have fun!