Our activities this week will focus on WWW-compatible hypermedia (HTML-based web pages and Adobe Acrobat). In this week, we are only exploring the possibilities. You may want to convert your documents into either of these formats for publishing, which we will do in the third class. In this week, you should just become familiar with both of these formats so that you can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each format. We also need to begin our discussion of evaluating these portfolios using a rubric, and will divide the discussion into three parts over the next three weeks. Here are our activities this week:

Explore using more advanced tools to create e-portfolios - Adobe Acrobat & HTML (web page) editor and how to convert documents

Organize portfolio with hypermedia links between standards, artifacts and reflections, using your preferred program (Office tools, Web page editor [such as Netscape Composer, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or Microsoft Front Page] or Adobe Acrobat)

Convert some of your Portfolio Artifacts into cross-platform, web-accessible file formats 

Create PDF files from word processing, spreadsheet, database, or slide show files using the full version of Adobe Acrobat or Convert files to PDF using the Adobe website ("Sign up for a free trial today and create your first 5 Adobe PDF files for free.")

Create a small web page and post to Blackboard group site (no graphics or links) or give us the full URL to your own website.

Discuss the pros and cons of web-compatible hypermedia (HTML and Acrobat formats)

Begin discussion of rubric development - What levels will we use and how many?

While learning these new tools, you might like to see some demonstrations on video. The Atomic Learning website (http://www.atomiclearning.com ) has short screen recordings on a lot of different software packages. A few for the Macintosh (OS X, iMovie, iPhoto) are free. Here is how to sign up for your optional Atomic Learning account if you want to be able to have access to all of their tutorials:
http://www.mediaspinners.com/store/wichita.html ($25.00 for 15 weeks) or http://www.mediaspinners.com/store/textbook.html ($39.95 for 365 days)

Don't forget to read the more detailed document for this week, either in the Blackboard Course Documents, or online at http://helenbarrett.com/class/mod2.html#2