Welcome to the second module of a course on creating electronic portfolios using common software tools. Dr. Helen Barrett has designed this course around her five stages of electronic portfolio development, allowing you to sample a variety of tools and strategies for publishing a portfolio in electronic format. This second module will allow you to try out a variety of tools for building an electronic portfolio using common software tools. We will also learn about digital video and give you an opportunity to create a digital storytelling artifact to enrich your electronic portfolio.

In addition to the following software that was required for the first Module (Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime Player, and Microsoft Office), you will need to find additional software packages to try out, most of which is either free or trial versions can be downloaded from the Internet. Adobe Acrobat (the full version, not just the reader) - as a free alternative, you may use the Adobe website to translate files into Portable Document Format (PDF) Web Page (HTML editor) - Netscape Composer is free, and other programs are available for 30-day trials (Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Adobe's GoLive are excellent examples) iMovie (Macintosh) or a low-end video editing program for Windows, such as Pinnacle Studio or the brand new Microsoft MovieMaker2 for Windows XP iPhoto (Macintosh OS X) or other image processing program for Windows, such as Microsoft's brand new Plus! PhotoStory for Windows XP Multimedia authoring program (such as eZedia, Lectora, Hyperstudio) (optional)

In this section, we will continue our discussions of the various software choices and issues, and each of you will eventually set up a web page on a web server. We will also develop a rubric for evaluating our own electronic portfolio. The only textbook for this class is Dr. Barrett's CD-ROM, Standards-Based Electronic Portfolios plus access to the World Wide Web. However, because of the hands-on nature of this module, I recommend students sign up for a semester account with Atomic Learning, a website that provides online videos demonstrating how to do various tasks with a variety of software. They offer free tutorials for Macintosh OS X, iMovie, and iPhoto. Access to other tutorials requires a password. I am getting information from them about registration.


- Read Introductory Distance Course Reading (if you didn't read it in Module 1)

- Post Introductions to class Blackboard site - update personal web page within the Blackboard student profile

- Explore using presentation tools to create e-portfolios - PowerPoint or Keynote

- Discuss pros and cons of Microsoft Office and PowerPoint for e-portfolio development and Discuss Stage 4 - The Connected Portfolio and the various ways to create hyperlinked electronic portfolios

Don't forget to read the more detailed document for this week, either in the Blackboard Course Documents, or online at http://helenbarrett.com/class/mod2.html#1