This is just a summary of our activities this week. Be sure to read the details under Course Documents (in Blackboard - click on the fifth week), where there are links to each of the readings, and the assignments are more detailed.

Read articles and websites on Reflection

Discuss the role of Reflection in portfolio development and its relationship to professional development

In the appropriate Group, upload first version of portfolio using Microsoft Office products - Excel and Word documents (do not upload any hyperlinked artifacts). DO NOT SEND BY E-MAIL. (see note at end of this message)

In the appropriate Group, upload your completed EPPlanningWorksheet.

For those NOT taking the next class: Read the rubric in AssessmentChapter.pdf on pp.8-10 (290-292) and review other rubrics online

Watch fourth video clip (on CD - in slideshows folder) 

You know you have completed this class when...

- You have participated in the Blackboard discussions each week.

- You have uploaded your completed EPPlanningWorksheet.doc (in Microsoft Word) to the appropriate Group (change the name of the document to include your last name).

- You have uploaded the two first rough draft portfolio documents (in Microsoft Word and Excel) to the appropriate Group (be sure to put your last name in the title of the document). Do NOT upload any of the artifacts... the list of your artifacts in Excel is sufficient for this stage of the process.

E-mail your instructor if you have questions. We realize that the final format for your portfolio will probably not be Excel and Word. The purpose of this activity is to come up with the basic framework and content outline of your portfolio so that you can later translate or convert it into your preferred publishing software and format. Too often, students focus on the multimedia that is inherent in some of the tools, without paying enough attention to the content. These common tools allow you to focus on the content in preparation for the next stage.