In this section, we will address Dr. Barrett's "5-by-5 Model" of electronic portfolio development which covers both the stages of electronic portfolio development as well as five levels of software, depending on ease of use. There are two basic directions in creating electronic portfolios: using a web-based data base (either commercial or developed by an educational organization) -- a customized systems approach (CS); or the use of common software tools to create an electronic portfolio -- generic tool (GT). This class covers the variety of generic tools that can be used to create electronic portfolios, and will guide you through the process of selecting which software tools best meet your needs. Now that you have determined the purpose and audience for the portfolio you want to create, it is time to start collecting the digital artifacts and figuring out where you will store the artifacts.

Our activities over the next two weeks will focus on Stage 2, Developing the Digital Archive (Archive Creation and Digital Conversion). You will look at issues of digital storage and where you will store your working portfolio. You probably already have a lot of your documents in digital form, if you created many of them with a word processor or other software. You may need to build skills in digitizing images (we will address audio and video in a later module). You will need to have access to some type of graphics editor to do simple graphic manipulation. You might have access to some of the Adobe graphics products (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Photo Deluxe). The shareware program Graphic Converter is supplied on the CD for Macintosh OS9 with links to download a similar version for Windows users.

These are the activities that spread over this week and part of next week:

- Watch third video clip (on CD -  in slideshows folder) 

Optional: Read EPDirections.pdf (a long article that may only be of interest to those who are looking at large scale implementation of e-portfolio systems)

- Read LLwTApr00.pdf, handbook.pdf pp.11-35

- Review model5x5.pdf, eportfoliomodel.pdf, and FinishedPortfolios.pdf (each one-page models)

- Blackboard Discussion on the technologies necessary to produce electronic portfolios in your own situations. 

- Develop a working portfolio - set up a filing system for your artifacts.

Read DigitalPackrat.pdf - Figure out where you are going to store your digital artifacts

Review stepbystep-storage.pdf - Figure out how you are going to digitize text and images (scanning or digital cameras).

Review scanning.pdf and (Optional) review the scantips website as a resource on scanning

- Review stepbystep-digcameras.pdf and stepbystep-GraphConv.pdf  Windows users go to to download an image converter if you don't have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (Graphic Converter for Mac OS9 is on CD)

Send your instructors a weekly Learning Log that summarizes some of the decisions you have made regarding software and storage.