Creating Interactive* ePortfolios with:
WordPress or Google Sites or Mobile Apps or Generic Web 2.0 Tools

Selecting a "Free" Online Tool for ePortfolio Development
(characteristics and comparison of these tools)
developed by Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D.


WordPress or Edublogs Campus or Kidblogs

Process (numbers on diagram)  •


GoogleSites with Announcement Page Type used as a journal (or Blogger)

Process (numbers on diagram)  •


Mobile Apps on iOS Devices (iPad/iPod Touch) or Android

Must include a hosting website such as blogs with apps, Evernote, GoogleApps, etc.
Process (numbers on diagram)  •

Web 2.0

Generic Web 2.0 Tools or Open Source ePortfolio Tools

Including website builder & hosting tools that include blogs, such as Weebly, Yola
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*Characteristics of Interactive Porfolios: using Web 2.0 tools to...

  • reflect on learning in multiple formats
  • showcase work online to multiple audiences
  • dialogue about learning artifacts/reflections
  • provide feedback to improve learning

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