Monday, April 12, 2010


Changes to GoogleDocs

Announced today: This video says it well. Also, the TechCrunch post today: Google Docs Gets More Realtime; Adds Google Drawings To The Mix. You know, I saw the Drawing icon when I signed in to Google Docs this morning. Now I see what it means. It just keeps getting better and better! Thanks, Google! My next collaborative ePortfolio planning workshops are going to be a lot more fun! And the output will be a lot more visual!
Official GoogleDocs Blog Post

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Just tried this out and it works ok but some lag and misses some key functionality that is in EtherPad/PrimaryPad .. which is a pity as EtherPad wont be available very soon.
There are alternatives to etherpad available right now:
Yes but are quite limited without paying e.g. PrimaryPad is a max of 5 people. I know it is not reasonable to always expect free for edu .. but it is great when it is.
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