Sunday, April 20, 2008


More Online Storage services explored

While watching the day-long John Adams marathon on HBO (an incredible series!), I used the time to explore more of the online storage services that I started exploring last month (and that attracted many comments). Here are the services that I explored today:
I think I have found a couple of sites that meet my requirements: I've used Microsoft's SkyDrive in the last couple of weeks to transfer files between platforms, but I am most impressed with the capabilities of and The mediamax service is in the middle of migrating to a new name,, and I received an email that told me they were not migrating files uploaded to its free accounts.

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Any favorite out of the top 25 listed at: ?
Hi Helen,

The ElephantDrive team says URIs are coming (though only for unencrypted objects, as the encrypted ones won't be able to be displayed).

Thanks for aggregating this list.
I am not looking for a standard online backup system. I want space to store artifacts for online portfolios which are part of a model of "lifetime personal web space" which means not only storing files, but also being able to link to them.
A great resource you've provided. As well as using GoogleApps, when it comes to storage I do like scribd which I discovered when using my account.

The neat trick with box is that I can place links to one or items in my library from within my MS live writer software when I update mine or anothers Wordpress blogs.
I use the live writer plugin from

It just much easier and quicker than using the wordpress (or any blog) backend tools.

Thankyou for this list and all the other wonderful research papers.

Kevin Trye
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