Friday, March 07, 2008


SITE 2008 Conference

It is good to be back. I'd forgotten what a warm and caring community I had found in the Society for Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). I attended these conferences every year from the mid-90s through all of the PT3 grants (2006). Last year I missed the conference because I was in Asia/Australia/New Zealand. Some highlights from this conference (besides lots of wonderful networking!):
I'll have to plan to attend SITE next year (I am advocating for a Retired membership and conference fee rate). I am starting to form an idea for a distributed research project where educators from across the world can participate in Researching Lifelong Portfolios and Web 2.0. More to be revealed in the next month or so.

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I, too, had attended most of the SITE conferences before I retired from university teaching. You are right, Helen, it was personally and professionally rewarding to be with this group over the last 3 days. Like you, I hope there will be a better fee structure for us retirees.

I have not looked yet but I hope that Barbara Means Power Point from the opening keynote will be available. It really was thought provoking.

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