Sunday, October 14, 2007


21st Century Portfolios

I just finished an ePortfolio planning workshop in New Hampshire, where the state is requiring that digital portfolios be used to demonstrate the 8th grade NCLB technology literacy requirement. I developed this diagram to illustrate the relationships between the new ISTE NETS standards, content standards, and effective assessment, teaching and learning. The new NETS standards support the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and schools in New Hampshire are going to demonstrate that an ePortfolio is the best way to demonstrate these skills:

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I believe that an electronic portfolio can and should replace report cards and testing to a large extent, at all levels of learning from formal schooling, to universities, to self-directed learning. ( If I understand the term, and if you and I are thinking about the same thing).

At LingQ ( have developed a model of language learning which is based vocabulary growth as the key measurable in language development, whether in your own language or a foreign language.

Our plans are for learners to create, maintain and edit individual blog/eportfolios of their achievements, metrics, oral and written essays and learning activity, that they wish to display. This will become a sort of permanent language skills record in a variety of languages.

I would be happy to share ideas with you. See also and for further information.

Steve Kaufmann
I think this is a great graphic!!!
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