Friday, January 05, 2007


A New Year

I am starting the New Year with a conference in Hawaii (really!). I am attending the 2007 Hawaii International Conference on Education, making two presentations: one on our REFLECT Initiative project in Arizona, and another entitled "Voice and Interactivity in ePortfolios: Digital Stories and Web 2.0." I just posted a new web page on the different presentations and workshops that I am offering, from one-hour conference presentations or keynote addresses to two-day hands-on workshops as offered last month in Oregon.

I have not yet reflected on the Time Magazine Person of the Year issue. I consider myself included in the designation "YOU" (anyone who posts content on the web--basically a recognition of the power of the many Web 2.0 technologies, but especially YouTube). I was also impressed by a few other blog entries that reflected on that issue, especially a discussion of how many schools block these Web 2.0 technologies at the time they show the most promise for improving education. Thank goodness DOPA is dead.

I'm glad to discover your blog...i'm a history teacher and i'm trying to work with web 2.0 technologies. I hope you can see my work in progress if you donĀ“t mind... i'm happy to sindicate this blog so i will stay tuned with your ideas...
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