Friday, June 03, 2005


Palm LifeDrive

I am making this entry on my brand new Palm LifeDrive. It is a Palm with a 4 GB hard drive! It also has WiFi and Bluetooth. I've already made a call through my cell phone, but I'm using the WiFi right now. I'm using my wireless keyboard as well. I have my Comcast e-mail account set up and I have sent and received e-mail over WiFi. The web page browsing is strange, but I'm using the standard Blogger page. I love learning new toys!

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The LifeDrive looks so cool... I'm very tempted to upgrade my basic m130. Please share more of your experiences with the gadget, and others you might find! :)
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I am leaning towards purchasing the LifeDrive, as a laptop replacement. I am also very interested in your opinions of the LifeDrive.
Hi Helen,

I'd just like to draw your attention to a conversation where your name was mentioned more than once.

I'm also curious to understand more of where you think e-portfolios become operationally standard for handhelds and the issues you forsee with the onset of web2.0 with all it's complexicities and proprietal lockdowns - much like static web 1.0 wouldnt you think ?
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