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Why Reflect?

Beginning this Site

I decided to begin this site as a Web 2.0-based resource on Reflection to support learning across the educational lifespan, from elementary schools through higher education. I have a small web page that I created in preparation for a workshop I conducted a year ago in New Hampshire. I re-published the MOSEP Module 2 on Reflection. I started keeping my favorite Reflection web pages on Since I believe reflection is the heart of an e-portfolio, not the digital artifacts, I want to create a resource that will support the process.

This blog will allow me to document my process of building this site. I will also model the process of reflection in the background while building this set of resources. To begin the process, I will answer a series of questions in separate posts:
  • What? (Description)
  • Why? (Analysis, Interpretation)
  • So What? (Overall Meaning and Application)
  • Now What? (Implications for Action)

Updated on Apr 30, 2009 by Helen Barrett (Version 3)