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Scaffolding Reflection in Elementary Schools

VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio - a teacher blog entry with instructions and two examples of digital stories using VoiceThread for student-led conferences in fifth grade. In the first example, the feedback is in the form of text, in the second there are several voice comments. A great way to involve parents! These are two really good examples of reflection that focus on what the students learned, the challenges, and their goals for improvement in different content areas.  Portfolio Prompts provided by the teacher (Thanks!!!). Following is a video that Chrissy provided at the 2010 K-12 Online Conference: "Record, Reflect & Share – VoiceThread as a digital Portfolio" by Chrissy Hellyer. Link to presentation’s supporting documents: Great Resource!

Here is another video from the 2010 K-12 Online Conference, on Primary Digital Portfolios using a blog. Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Sample Forms

Primary Reflection Forms (GoogleDocs Document)

Lesson Plans

This unit (for K-2) will use the reflection process to increase the learners' understanding of feelings, past experiences and consequences of actions. They will understand what makes a good interview and story, and conduct an interview of a family member. Students will use reflection as a learning tool.

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