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Keep in mind that there are two major “faces” of ePortfolios:
  • Workspace to document day-to-day learning: collect evidence and reflect on learning
  • Showcase to present the results of learning at specific points in the learning process: select and organize learning at specific points of time
I believe we can best use mobile devices in the Workspace portfolio, to capture learning and reflect contemporaneously (in the middle of the learning process). Depending on the authoring tools used to construct the presentation, the user may need a regular computer.

What functions are needed for each of these processes? (to be developed)
  • Capturing & storing evidence - this evidence of learning can be in the form of text, images, audio or video -
  • Reflecting - “the heart and soul of a portfolio” - this reflection could be captured in real time in different formats: writing, voice capture (and voice-to-text conversion), video capture and digital stories
  • Giving & receiving feedback - one of the most effective uses of a portfolio is to review a learner’s work and providing feedback for improvement
  • Planning & setting goals - a very important part of the portfolio process is personal development planning and setting goals for achievement
  • Collaborating - learning is a social activity - technology provides new forms of collaboration
  • Presenting to an audience - at specific points in the learning process, a learner may put together a presentation of their learning outcomes for an audience, either real or virtual

Here is an initial assessment of how these functions can be achieved with different mobile devices:

ePortfolio Process to supportCell PhonesiOS/Android
Capturing & storing evidenceCamera can capture still images, audio and video, transmitting to a website or uploading to a computer. Devices with cameras can capture images. audio and video, which can be uploaded to a website or uploaded to a computer.
ReflectingSMS reflections to a website (depending on capability of software) - Needs to be similar to Facebook updatesThere are mobile apps for several web-based ePortfolio tools as well as generic tools such as blogs
Giving & receiving feedback? (Can mobile phones read websites to be able to provide feedback/comments?)Mobile web browsers should allow reading posts and online documents, and providing comments or co-authoring
Planning & setting goalsSimilar to ReflectingSimilar to Reflecting
Collaboratingone-to-one using SMS
Post directly to web-based accounts
one-to-many using online communities and services, such as GoogleDocs or wikis
Presenting to an audience ? (presentations require more powerful tools)Some apps are available to project presentations with appropriate hardware connections to projector

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