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iOS Apps and/or websites for Blogging/Reflection

WordPress (free)  (iPod, iPad, iPhone)  (Android)  (Blackberry)
This app comes the closest to a “full featured” ePortfolio tool, especially when using the service. To quote the website, the features are [and how each feature supports ePortfolio development]:
Elegant Composing: Creating and editing posts is at the heart of the WordPress experience. Write, add photos, check your spelling, and even create links without having to write a single line of code or HTML. [Capturing & storing evidence, Reflection, Planning & setting goals]
Effortless Comments: Moderate, edit, or reply to comments — it’s never been easier to stay in touch with your readers. For popular posts, you can quickly bulk moderate comments through the intuitive interface. [Giving & receiving feedback, Collaboration]
(The WordPress website also identifies client software for other mobile devices: )

Tumblr (free)
This app also includes a free blog hosting site. Their motto: “The easiest way to blog.” From the website:
  • Mobileability -- In addition to offering the best iPhone publishing app in existence (for free), Tumblr lets you email or text posts from any mobile phone.
  • The most sophisticated email publishing in the world: Email your posts directly to your blog. Whether it's a thought, photo, song, quote, video, or overheard conversation, Tumblr senses what you're sharing and presents it beautifully.
  • Call in your posts: Call us at 1-866-584-6757 and record an audio post for your blog
  • Automatically tweet
  • Use Twitter? Keep your followers up to date by automatically (or selectively) updating Twitter whenever you post..
PicPosterous lets you take photos and video on your iPhone and post them instantly on the web. Creates the website or set up your own domain name. According to the website, “Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. You email us at  and we reply instantly with your new posterous blog.”

Other Blogging Apps (some free):
NOTE: Blogger accepts blog entries by a special email address assigned to each account.

BlogPressLite (free)



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