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Using Mobile Devices

An emerging "issue and advance" in educational technology is the use of mobile devices, either provided by the school or using a "bring your own device" approach. If you have one of these mobile devices, you may wish to use it as part of this class:
  • iOS device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Android tablet or smart phone
  • Chromebook
The following apps are available that can support your use of your mobile device in this class:
Other apps we like:
  • Dropbox (for storing files online, accessible from any device) and PlainText app for documents that are saved in Dropbox.
  • Social networking apps for Facebook and Twitter (LOVE Flipboard on iPad for reading posts)
If you use one of these devices to carry out any of the course activities, please indicate so in your weekly blog entry.

Updated on Oct 24, 2011 by Helen Barrett (Version 4)