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Facilitated Course Communication

The normal process in conducting distance classes is usually through a structured course management system, such as Blackboard or Moodle. These systems are very instructor-centered. I'd like to use more student-centered tools, so why not use a social network? There are many available, including Facebook and Ning. Since this course is for K-12 teachers, we should select a tool that can be used in K-12 classrooms. Therefore, the primary social network will be Edmodo, with some use of Google (Groups, Plus).

For those taking the more structured course, these are the variety of strategies for facilitating communication:

Google Group:
Anyone can register for this Google Group, and participate in email discussions of the topics of each lesson.
A private Google Group will be established to facilitate communication for those who sign up for the Facilitated Course.
This educational social network is used in schools across the world, and provides a very familiar interface (looks and acts like Facebook... but in a private online space). Each class will have its own private group (a code will be sent to each team once payment or purchase order is received). We will use this social network to share resources, announce course activities, and set up grade-specific sub-groups. You must sign up for a free Edmodo account.

Google's brand new social network has some interesting capabilities that should support some interesting collaboration in this course. Right now, you must have a account to use Google +.
  • Circles - Participants in the Facilitated Course will receive an invitation to join Google+ and will be added to Dr. Barrett's private class circle. In that circle, the class members can discuss the topics of each lesson. Instructions and tutorials will be provided.
  • Hangouts - Regular group video conferences will be held each week. Instructions for joining the hangout and participate in a conversation about the topics of that week's lesson will be posted in the private Circle. Instructions and tutorials will be provided.

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