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Lesson 5

    - Level 3 Portfolio


Introduction from Dr. Barrett

This lesson will include the more structured, showcase portfolio, developed for specific purposes and audiences. In addition, we will focus on the importance of using the portfolio for goal setting. Part of the planning process is to identify the presentation portfolio tool that your students will use, along with your rationale for the selection. You will also identify resources and assistance needed, challenges, and barriers to implementation, so that you can accommodate the difficulties you may face.

Learning Objectives: You will
  • - learn about setting up a showcase portfolio to hyperlink specific assignments to categories and write a rationale for selection (reflection)

    - determine categories for organizing portfolio

    - set goals for future: learning, career, life

  • Explore portfolio tools, and Identify preferred tools and rationale for selection
This lesson's assignments: (Outputs)
  • creating digital identity
  • online readings (see list)
  • plan element:  Resources, Assistance, Challenges, Barriers, Tools
  • weekly blog entry
Lesson Supplements/Replacements for those taking tool-specific supplemental courses

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