1. Syllabus
2. Schedule
3. Planning
4. Resources


This lesson's assignments:
  • select age-appropriate scaffolding for reflection
  • online readings (see list)
  • online discussions
  • weekly blog entry
Overview of Reflection:  Constructing Meaning from Experience - Metacognition & Learning - keeping a learning journal/blog - organizing work chronologically - setting goals/planning (reflection in future and present tense) - Feedback (assessment for learning)
Discussion #1: what are the elements of the reflection process? How does reflection fit into the portfolio development process? Why is it important? What is the teacher's role in this process?

Digital Tools for Reflection/Digital Narratives
Discussion #2: what tools can we use to meet the needs of the reflection process?

Implementation Plan Elements:
Step 5.2 Level 2 Portfolio as Workspace - Plan for scaffolding reflection
Step 6. Brainstorm Skills/Training Needed. Develop plan for building e-portfolio skills of various stakeholders.

Reflection: CREDIT participants, write a blog entry that documents your learning activities for this lesson. What did you learn from the reading, viewing and discussions. (Optional, but recommended for non-credit participants)

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