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Lesson 4

- Level 2 Portfolio

Introduction by Dr. Barrett

This is the most important lesson because I believe reflection is the "heart and soul" of the portfolio process. You will focus on the reflective portfolio, most often implemented through a reflective journal. The technology tool most appropriate for this level is most likely a blog. There are a variety of resources provided to scaffold the reflection process with students. The implementation plan step includes a plan for scaffolding student reflection, teacher feedback, and a plan for further professional development to support teachers' portfolio and technology skills.

Learning Objectives: You will
  • reflect on the role of reflection in the learning process
  • reflect on how e-portfolios can support reflection
  • explore a variety of strategies to support reflection and feedback
  • select age-appropriate scaffolding for reflection
This lesson's assignments: (Outputs)
  • select age-appropriate scaffolding for reflection
  • online readings (see list)
  • weekly blog entry
Lesson Supplements/Replacements for those taking tool-specific supplemental courses

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